Moreton Region Sports Soaring Association

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Our History

Our club is over 40 years old now, for most of this time we have been a pure r/c soaring club. With the advent of far more efficient electric power and the rise in popularity of eSoarers, we also fly eModels and eSoarers of all kinds. We like all kinds of quiet flight and Publish like to keep a low noise footprint for our neighbours. We also host monthly scale aerotow flying days. See 

Our Origins

Our Club flew regularly at it's Redbank Plains field, west of Brisbane in South East Queensland and was founded in 1977. It was known as the Brisbane Model Soaring Club however the site has been used for R/C flying since the 60's. After lengthy negotiations with the Ipswich City Council, the club secured the use of the field on a permanent basis and the name of the Club was changed to Moreton Region Sports Soaring Association to reflect the commitment of the region's council. In recent years the Club handed back use of this field due to an increase in general public access from other sporting groups. It is now used by Redbank Summerholm Silent Flyers. However we have kept the name as most of our members reside within the Moreton Bay catchment area.

Fields in use since our start

For a short time we operated at a field near Mount Purga. Then we flew for more than a decade at Normanby Wines near Harrisville. We have now moved to our current field not far from there at Munbilla. Many of our pilots fly at competitions around Australia and New Zealand so we can often be seen at fields all over the country if we aren't at ours.

Our members

MRSSA is a small club catering for one part of the R/C modelling world. Most of our members also belong to other clubs. We have some extremely experienced and highly skilled pilots with very diverse skills. Such as molded model design and manufacture to building old style from wood and fabric. Our pilots enjoy everything from fun flying to dedicated competition flying. Some of our membership have represented the country in world championships.

What about the future?

Radio Control modelling has changed very much since the bulky and heavy superhet single channel radios of the 50s and 60s. Now very sophisticated 2.4GHz radios up to 32 channels with telemetry and small powerful servos and tiny receivers are very common. Models and accessories are as varied as your imagination. Our club remains committed to quiet flight but we also have many members with large 25 to 40% scale soarers to 7m span that are usually aerotowed with large gas powered models to 4m span. Bungee and winch launching is giving way to elaunching. 

Maybe this kind of r/c flying appeals to you? Perhaps you will be a vital part of our club's future?