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MRSSA has a current 2000ft height and 1000m radius approval from CASA and the location is shown on navigation charts.

To fly above 400ft we have to abide by set conditions from CASA.

- Flying only in daylights hours. No flight into cloud or fog.

- Flying must only be with the approval of the club.

- Pilots must be MRSSA members or bonafide visitors. There is a visitor's book at the field.

- Models are not to be operated beyond the limits of the approval.

- Operations above 400ft must occur with a nominated Safety Officer in place.

- Models must remain clear of manned aircraft at all times.

- All directions by the nominated Safety Officer are to be followed immediately.-

MRSSA conditions:

- No visitor pilot is to fly without a safety briefing from the safety officer.

- There are some no fly areas in the zone. Refer safety briefing.

- All pilots are responsible to inform the safety officer immediately if any aircraft approaches.

- Non-flying visitors are to remain behind the shelter as signed, until given a safety briefing.

- The entry gate must be kept closed. There is livestock on site at times.

Club members and flying visitors should be familiar with these documents at a minimum. Follow Link.

MOP001 Accident Reporting

MOP014 General Model Rules

MOP043 Emergency Policy

MOP056 Safe Flying Code

MRSSA Other Information

Emergency Contacts

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